Storebrand Funds ISIN NAV Inception Date
Storebrand SICAV - Storebrand Global Solutions Lux B EUR Acc LU1932658476 120.41 2019-12-04
Storebrand SICAV - Storebrand Global Multifactor Lux B EUR Acc LU1932678235 92.57 2019-12-04
Storebrand SICAV - Storebrand Global ESG Plus Lux B EUR Acc LU1932670927 104.04 2019-12-04
Storebrand Global Solutions A NO0010657273 3862.6 2012-10-01
Storebrand Global Multifactor A NO0010346422 2476.63 2006-12-19
Storebrand Global ESG Plus A NO0010788292 1539.01 2017-04-27

Returns based on previous day closing price in EUR, net of fees and annualised for periods greater than one year.

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Our Investment Strategies


Our index-based funds are managed using the MSCI Barra risk model to minimise tracking error and particular care is taken to ensure cost-effective trading and rebalancing to minimise transaction costs.

Factor Investing

With over ten years’ experience from factor-based investing, Storebrand Asset Management is a market leader in Scandinavia, having delivered consistently strong excess returns for our clients.

Impact Investing

We seek to invest in companies that provide solutions, primarily through the products and services they provide to the market, and stand to benefit from the identified trends within the SDGs.