Storebrand Asset Management

The Nordic market in sustainable investment, with a heritage dating back to 1767

Strategies ISIN NAV YTD Last Updated Inception Date
Storebrand SICAV - Storebrand Global Solutions Lux B EUR Acc LU1932658476 117.56 13.98 % 2020-10-27 2019-12-04
Storebrand SICAV - Storebrand Global Multifactor Lux B EUR Acc LU1932678235 90.47 -11.81 % 2020-10-27 2019-12-04
Storebrand SICAV - Storebrand Global ESG Plus Lux B EUR Acc LU1932670927 102.26 -0.3 % 2020-10-27 2019-12-04
Storebrand Global Solutions A NO0010657273 3746.24 11.49 % 2020-10-27 2012-10-01
Storebrand Global Multifactor A NO0010346422 2398.21 -12.73 % 2020-10-27 2006-12-19
Storebrand Global ESG Plus A NO0010788292 1500.34 0.15 % 2020-10-27 2017-04-27

Returns based on previous day closing price in EUR, net of fees and annualised for periods greater than one year.

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Storebrand Global ESG Plus

– The Core Equity Holding for Climate Aware Investors

  • A fossil free, low tracking error, global equity fund investing in developed markets.
  • Optimised to prevent overweighting of other heavy polluters by tilting the portfolio towards high ESG and low carbon footprint companies.
  • Allocates 5-10% of portfolio to climate solutions companies.

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A short film introducing Storebrand Global ESG Plus

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